Try These Out-Of-The-Box Things To Make Your Workplace Interesting

Princey Wilkins
June 21, 2018

Going to the same old workplace and having to sit in front of the same old desk can kill creativity. Monotony and old-fashioned approach at the workplace is the perfect recipe for a boring factory which is fit for machines and not humans. Humans need change, they need something to break that routine, to breathe and create something new and interesting.


Always remember that happy employees result in a fun atmosphere to be in and hence results in higher productivity as well. So, break the old-school routine and try these things to make your workplace everyone wants to be a part of.

1. Plan work-from-café for the teams at least once in a month.

Getting out of the four walls and monotonous routines of the workplace can automatically change the way your employees perceive work.




2. If the nature of your work allows, your team can also take a week off and travel to a destination of their choice and work from there.

You can work from Goa or from Manali you know, wherever there’s a good internet connection available.


Tip: There are a whole bunch of hostels and co-working spaces at multiple locations in the country that provides you with the perfect ambience and facilities to work.



3. Organize weekend getaways once in 2-3 months.

You can plan a small weekend trip close to the city you live in and indulge in some fun activities and sports.


Pros: Playing sports together proves as a very good team building medium.



4. Finalize a day of the week, (mostly a Friday) to have a small social gathering after work hours.

Your employees can invite their friends to this session and show them how cool their workplace is. (A little showoff is totally acceptable).



5. If your workplace is pet-friendly, you can have a get your pets to work day, once in a while.

Also, outline the guidelines of what pets are to be allowed. Cute doggies and kitties are always welcome.



6. Create fun quizzes that can probably be played on e-mails.

Your HR can shoot an email with the time and specifics of the quiz along with the gratification details.



7. Encourage your employees as well as colleagues to approach fun and humour in a positive way. 

A friendly and light environment is the best to work in and is also the new work culture.



8. Let your employees decorate their cabins and cubicles as per their comfort and liking.

Bear in mind that letting your workforce personalize the space they work in, is a great way to make them feel comfortable and positive. Also, you can define how much personalization can be done.



9. Break the pattern of your meetings.

You can take your meetings outdoors every once in a while and let your clients see your fresh approach towards things. You can also conduct some of your internal meetings outdoors.



10. Have bean-bags and (probably other sitting arrangements) at your workplace so your people can work someplace other than their desk.

Because sitting in front of your system on your desk for 8-9 hours of the day can get extremely boring as well as tiring.


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Write to us in the comments section if you have any cool ideas other than the above that you want us to add to the list.