Travelling Across The Globe Contributes To Your Leadership Skills

Princey Wilkins
August 10, 2018

Most companies today that we come across are global firms with multiple locations and if not that, they still present themselves as a corporation with global views and standards. However, are the people working for these companies, the workforce truly global? Do they have a global approach towards their work?


Studies and statistics show that individuals who are well travelled (who take at least one trip a year) are better leaders and more creative than the ones who don’t travel as much. So, what difference does travel really make to an individual’s life and their approach towards how they look at their work?


For the above answers and more, the following is how travelling to new destinations across the globe really contribute towards your leadership and work skills.

Travelling gives you a taste of diverse cultures 

Travelling to different countries and parts of the world exposes you to a plethora of cultures that you never even knew existed. This eventually also teaches you to be more tolerant, accepting and appreciative towards diversity.



Travel brings you closer to your target audiences 

It doesn’t just bring you closer to your target audience or consumer but also makes way for new opportunities and gateways for businesses. When you do travel to a particular place, you understand the needs and necessities of people.



Travel fills you with fresh ideas and new perspectives 

Travel is the best way of breaking out of the four walls you sit in and allowing life to surprise you. Every time you travel, you are left with a fresh zing and newer perspectives towards things.



 Travelling is the best brainstorming session you can ever get 

Brainstorming within the four walls of your office space with the same old people has seldom resulted in a mind-blowing breakthrough. Being stagnated in the same place will only bring forth stale thoughts and ideas.


On the contrary, the new environment and open spaces lead to better ideas and thoughts.



Travel fills you with gratitude 

Visiting places that are sometimes remote and have limited access to things fills you with a sense of gratitude for what you have back home. You also tend to carry this sense of gratitude and appreciation at work which in turn helps your leadership and administrative skills.




They say life is the best teacher, but life won’t really be able to teach you until and unless you decide to move from wherever you are and explore.


Remember you aren’t a tree, so move, travel, explore and learn!