This Is How You Can Step Outside The Box & Become A Great Employer

Princey Wilkins
March 12, 2018

With an immense amount of competition in every industry, it is of paramount importance for an organization to have the best of everything in order to exceed. Since organizations are made up of people, human resource remains the primary and the most important resource that needs to be of the utmost quality.


But, how do you ensure that you attract the best employees? Well, in order to attract the employees, you’ll 1st have to become a good employer yourself, and following are some tips with which you can achieve the above-said.


Show reliability


Gone are the days when the term ‘job-security’ was a thing. With the growing market scene and changing times, reliability is far more real than security. So, if you’re going to lay-off your resources with no concrete reason, then you’re far off from being reliable.


With the amount of transparency these days, if you think you’d be able to get away with being unreasonable with your employees, you’re wrong. So, make sure that you hire smartly and fire reasonably.

Ensure flexibility


It’s true that companies are not human beings, but they are certainly made of and run by humans. As  living, breathing people we have families and concerns to deal with. And with the fast-paced life that we live; giving time to our family and related concerns becomes even more imperative.


Also, given the situation, 9-5 jobs aren’t really ideal anymore. Being flexible when it comes to work hours is the new norm and a norm to abide by. Companies with flexi timings and work from home options have a better rate of productivity and happier employees.

Showcase your work culture in the best ways possible


A job is much more than about money these days. It’s more to do with independent living and an individual’s career satisfaction. People prefer a workplace where they can spend their chunk of time amidst an environment that is positive, easy going and motivating, rather than a place that leaves them miserable.


Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to showcase that you care about your employees and that you put your best foot forward to ensure great work culture.


Define your goals and make sure they are achievable and realistic


When a company sets realistic targets is when the employees really contribute their 100% in trying to achieve that goal. If you, as an employer are going to aim at Mars without being practical, trust me no-one is going to want to work with you.

What are your Tolerance policies?


Setting up your tolerance policies plays a vital role in determining the work culture of your workplace. You cannot be intolerant towards a little bit of fun and humour and be tolerant towards serious issues like harassment. What are you tolerant and intolerant towards as an employer can conclude your fate in the long run.


Provide a positive work environment


A positive environment is a home to creative thoughts, happy people, and successful business.  Making sure that your company policies are pro employees and that the senior workforce is encouraging the younger lot brings a whole lot of difference in the overall environment of a workplace.

Are you up-to-date with the trends?


With the start-up culture setting newer trends in the industry, it becomes essential for the bigger, older companies to inculcate these changes in their environment too. Following old-school norms and ways is not the way to attract the younger crowd.


Hence, to be more relevant to the younger employees (who make up for the maximum number of workforce right now), as an employer, you need to follow and create significance.


Décor plays a huge role


As much as you’d like to think that your office décor doesn’t really matter to your employees, it does! Having a fun, vibrant and fresh décor does make a huge difference. As an employer, you do need to keep in mind various factors while getting the interiors done.  You also need to allow your employees to personalize their own space so they can be more comfortable in it.

Provide growth opportunities


Personal and professional growth is one of the primary reasons why we work. As an employer, you need to be able to provide your employees with adequate growth opportunities. This will not only help them grow individually but will also result in the growth of your organization.


Apart from growth opportunities that are available within the organization, you can host skill developing educational crash courses and seminars that will assist your employees in performing better.

Are your HR policies human enough?


You cannot make your employees work for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with absolutely no leaves. Your employees are not machines, they’re humans and hence your HR policies also need to be human enough. Leave policies of an organization can sometimes make or break the deal for the employees.


So, make certain that your company’s HR policies, be it for leaves or anything else are pro-employees.