Tackle Those Crazy Monday Blues Like A Boss!

Princey Wilkins
June 8, 2018

Mondays are, without a doubt one of the worst days of the week. Although it’s the start of the week and it’s supposed to be all goodie good, positive and motivating, the reality is somewhat the complete opposite. I guess the most horrid part of Monday is having to get up in the morning and showing up at work. Having said that, I think you should be just fine with some of the basic instructions below.


1. First and foremost, you WILL have to wake up in the morning. 

Yes, I know it’s going to be difficult, but you have to wake up to win the battle.




2. Also, to make the Monday morning little bearable, it is best you avoid partying and getting down with the drinks on Sunday. 

This is going to be difficult, but not impossible.

Me: I am not supposed to drink, it’s Monday tomorrow!
Also me to me,




3. Get those coffee shots going. Chug as much as you can. 

Trust me; it will help you stay awake.




4. How to get going on a Monday? Get up and show up! 

So, I am assuming that you have gotten up, it’s time to get dressed and show up at work.

Me every Monday,




5. Now since you’re work, you might as well get started on your tasks for the day. 

Remember, speed is of the essence here. The faster you finish your work the sooner you will be able to get home. How’s that for some motivation?




6. You can try and listen to your favorite playlist while you are on your tasks. 

Music will make your work a tad bit bearable. See, I care for you!




7. Treat yourself to a delicious lunch. 

Good food is something that always helps. If you’re happy in the tummy, you’ll be happy in the head too.




8. Get some fresh flowers for yourself on the way to work. 

Flowers can certainly brighten up your mood if not your entire day.




9. Try to be nice to people around you. 

Do not harm anyone just because you’re having a bad Monday. On the bright side, you will have fewer things/people to deal with, but NO. I know you’re having a bad day, but deal with it and treat the people around you nicely. Besides being nice to people will also help you feel good about yourself.




10. Make friends at work.

Not, everyone can be your pal and you will obviously have a more professional relationship with people at work, but there is no harm in making a few friends. Knowing that you have friends at work will automatically help you have a better Monday.




All in all, just remember that Monday is just a day and you will get over with it!