Starting Your First Job? Here Are 10 Things You Should Bear In Mind

Princey Wilkins
July 4, 2018

Leaving the comfort of your college and having to start your own career can be quite a daunting thought. But, all of us, at some point have to take that big step. And just to make that big step a little easier, here are a few things you should bear in mind to have a less stressful transition into adulting/starting your first job.

1.  A smile is the best accessory you’re going to adorn not just for your first job, but in life

A smile can change the entire atmosphere of a place, and a smile is definitely going to come in handy not only when you start your 1st job, but also on a daily basis. A smile gives out a positive vibe, hence making you more welcoming and approachable.



2.  Your attitude can sail or sink the ship

Having a positive can-do attitude is what you’ll need for you to get a positive start to your career. Remember that no one likes or appreciate people, especially freshers with a negative or laid-back attitude. So be proactive and exude positivity.



3.  What you do during your breaks matter

A break is much more than just some free time for you to eat. It is this time when you can gel in with your colleagues and create a bond with them. You need to try and connect with people in this break time and utilize it to the optimum.



4.  What you speak & when you speak is going to be crucial

Being your first job, it is only natural for you to be full of enthusiasm. You will want to be heard at different occasions and want to get noticed, however, speaking out of turn by interrupting someone else is surely not the way to go.


Also, you have to be extra crucial about the words you use and the things you say to avoid hurting any individual who is probably been there for a long time for a reason.


Wait for your turn to speak, or raise your hand if you want to speak and wait for when you get the go ahead.



5.  Learn as much as you can

Learning as much as you can and from as many people as you can, should be your primary goal when on the first job. The things you learn from your first job lay a foundation for your future career.



6.  There is no short-cut to success! Hard-work is the way to go

Bear in mind that nothing was ever achieved without hard work and dedication. Be prepared to work hard as well as smart.



7.  Networking is going to be essential

As mentioned earlier that you will have to utilize whatever little free time you get in gelling with your colleagues as well as networking. Build as many contacts as possible; however, do not forget to build these contacts on the basis of a positive relationship.



8.  Listen and soak in as much as you can

More often than not, we assume that speaking is the only thing required for a good communication. On the contrary active listening is one of the most important aspects of a two-way communication.


When on your first job, make sure you are listening and soaking in as much information before responding to the same. This will not only save you from unnecessary errors but will also assert the fact that you really are a good communicator.



9.  Good things to those who wait

Patience is really the key. Keep calm and work on!



10.  Be a team player

No-one likes people that spread negativity and are always aloof. These traits make you a liability in a team as well as in an organization.


Working together with the team as one whole unit and adapting to new situations, on the other hand, makes you an asset for the team and the organization, which is exactly what you need to be.


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If you adhere to these basic things and take everything in a positive stride, you’ll surely do a great job! All the best!