Make Working Easier And Comfortable By Following These Simple Steps

Princey Wilkins
June 19, 2018

Every work-place is different and so is every work-space. Right from the culture, décor, to the people, there are a lot of factors that play a huge role in making your time at the workplace either enjoyable or dreadful. Although there isn’t a lot that you can do directly to change your work-place, there definitely are a bunch of tricks that you can use to make your personal work-space more comfortable and enjoyable.


Pick A Comfortable Spot


Don’t be finicky, but try your best in finding the spot which is just right for you. The right spot can have a much larger impact than you can imagine, it’s where your mind and heart are at absolute ease. I, for instance, am at my dysfunctional best if not working at my ‘spot’ and I am more most of you are too.



Let The Light In


According to various studies, researchers have found out that light or lighting has a big impact on our nervous and endocrine system. The amount of light in a room can highly influence our moods which is exactly why you need to have the perfect amount of light entering the space of your work.




Keep Your Essentials Close


Try an avoid playing fetch while you’re planning to really focus at work. Keep whatever you may or probably may not need it or at least closer to your work-desk so you’re not running around every 10 minutes.




Hook Yourself Onto Music


Similar to the lights, music can also influence our mood in both good and bad ways. You must choose music that soothes your mind or something that lifts up your spirits and gets your mojo going at work.




Eat Healthy


You might think why, but trust me it affects you in more than one way. A happy stomach is equal to a happy mind, and an unhealthy/upset stomach is equal to a mind that is in desperate need of help. Which one would you choose?


In conclusion, eat healthy so you’re not upsetting your stomach and your overall health!




Freshness is very important (Flowers & fragrance)


Who doesn’t like a bit of freshness at their work-desk right? You can add a bit this freshness from some flowers or mild and comforting fragrances to feel the difference. Remember to keep the fragrance mild so you’re not costing your comfort over your colleagues’.




Remember it’s the small things and gestures that have a larger bearing on the overall course of things. Do what works for you to make yourself comfortable and have a good time at work!