Here’s How You Can Fight Monotony At Work & In Life

Princey Wilkins
July 24, 2018

Almost always, when I end up liking a song, it’s this song I’ll be listening to day in and day out every second of every day. I do this to a point where I now start resenting this very song that got me ecstatic in the beginning. Sounds like you too?


But, does this resentment mean that we now do not like this song anymore? Nope! This whole episode is basically a way of our brain asking for help, help from being stuck in a rut of monotony.


No matter what you do or who you are, monotony is the bitter reality of our lives that does catch up with us sooner or later. But does this mean we’re forever to be stuck in this rut? Of course not! Here’s how with some basic changes at work and in life you can not only fight monotony but also lead a happier life.

It’s not about where you start your day; it’s about how you start it… 

We cannot change the fact that we’re probably going to wake up to the same walls, the same room and the same house. But what we can change is how we approach every morning. If you’re someone who drinks coffee every morning, try and switch to green tea for some time and then something else.


Remember, all your brain needs is that surprise element for you to start feeling different.



Change your workout routine to escape the monotony of exercising 

If you really like running, and do not want to change that, you can try running on different tracks/routes for that breakthrough. On the other hand, if you’re open to experimenting, you should be doing so with your workout routine.



Listen to music Listen to different genres of music 

Listening to the same kind of music and the same songs is like giving an open passage to welcome monotony in your life. What you need to do is to start experimenting with the type of music you listen to. Yes, you won’t be into certain genres but is there harm in trying? I don’t think so.



Take a break and go play 

At work or otherwise, it is of utmost importance for you to take a break and do something highly stimulating in that time. Playing a game or taking a quiz is one of the many things that can help you stay motivated.



Did you catch up with that friend you were thinking about or went for that trip you were planning? If not, do it! 

One of the best ways to fight monotony is to do what you have been planning but weren’t able to execute due to your schedule. Meet your friends, go for that trip, join a hobby class or whatever it is that you were eager about.



Take an effort to learn something new 

Learning something new is the 1st and the most important step of breaking the glass of monotony. Learning isn’t just going to help you acquire a newer set of skills or talents but will also help you stay active, alert and interesting.



All in all, don’t let monotony get to you. Face it, fight it and keep it interesting!