Becoming A Good Leader Needs Work & Following These Tips Will Certainly Help

Princey Wilkins
July 13, 2018

Becoming a good leader is not an overnight phenomenon. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and the willingness to keep working hard to go from being an average person to a great leader. So, if you have the willingness, here are some tips that will come in handy for you to become an exceptional leader.

1. Have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude towards things and life, in general, is of the utmost importance and the biggest quality that a good leader needs to have. People stop looking up to you the moment you start giving importance to the negativity around.

Tip: Practice yoga and meditation to guide your mind. 


2. Show gratitude

Well, we’ve grown up listening to the quote that, “Gratitude is the best attitude to have”, but how many of us really follow this religiously? Being genuinely thankful for the things you have and expressing gratitude towards your team is the way forward for you as a leader.



3. Take firm decisions

Not all of us are born with this skill. For some of us, decision-making instincts come naturally and some of us need to practice to get better at it.


And if you are the latter one, remember to follow your guts and to analyze all the pros and cons regarding the decision you’re making.



4. Be creativity

One has to keep reinventing themselves and find creative ways to stand-out amongst the crowd. Your creativity and your willingness to try something different can take you places.



5. Delegate Effectively

If you want to be a good leader, you will have to learn the art of delegation.


How effectively you delegate tasks to your team plays a huge role in deciding the fate of your team and your leadership.



6. Bring in that sense of humour

A bright cheerful smile and a sense of humour can immediately lighten and brighten the energy around you.



7. Show your dependability

Individuals who are a part of your team or who follow you need to know of your dependability. Also, dependability is a trait that needs to be radiated, hence be aware of your actions during difficult situations.



8. Take accountability

A good leader is the one that stands by his/her team at all times. A leader should take account of any bad happenings and should give credit when due.


Eloping the scene when it comes to taking accountability will only weaken your position.



9. Listen attentively

Always listen carefully before responding. A good leader practices active listening which helps them be a better communicator and a better decision maker. So listen, analyze and act.



10. Be confident

Conduct yourself in a way that you exude nothing but confidence. Also, keep in mind that there lies a very thin line between displaying confidence and displaying over-confidence. So, be confident of the things you know but also be open to more information and perspectives.



11. Motivate always

Letting the team take charge and motivating them to take responsibilities is a great way of bringing the best out of them. Appreciate the efforts that your people put into their work and see how enthusiastically they’ll take on the next task/project.



12. Get those communication skills on point

Being a leader comes with a whole bunch of tasks and one of the most essential tasks out of the many is being a great communicator. Also, as soon as I say a great communicator, the 1st thing that pops into our mind is a great speaker.


However, you can’t be a great communicator by just being a good speaker. Knowing how to listen, or active listening plays a huge part in making communication a two-way process.


So listen carefully and speak confidently!



13. Set an example

People that follow you or your team members should be able to look up to you and they won’t be able to do so if you aren’t setting good examples.


Also, your team members are going to follow your footsteps so, if you aren’t setting good examples, you know where that will lead your team to. (Doomsday if you didn’t guess it)



14. Read and research

You are never too old, busy or knowledgeable to learn something new. The more you read and research, the more aware an updated you will be, which is exactly what a good leader needs to be.


Being well read will not only boost your confidence but will also impact your overall demeanour.



15. Learn to be humble and practice forgiveness

Being grounded and humble doesn’t just make you a good leader, but also a good human being in general. Forget and forgive should be a mantra to abide by.




Use these tips in your everyday life and see the difference.